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Bumbum Bacana Fitness Apparel strives to inspire and empower women all around the world to become passionate about fitness, and to feel strong, confident and sexy while engaging in physical activity...or just running errands around town!
The brand "BumBum Bacana", pronounced  boo͞mboo͞m ba.ˈkɐ.na, is loosely translated from Brazilian Portuguese to mean "Nice Butt".  The clothing is manufactured exclusively in Brazil, using the highest quality textiles.  The primary fabric used in the Bumbum collections is Supplex, a cloth that has the feel of cotton, with the benefits of advanced fiber technology.  These benefits include extreme durability, excellent support, and resilient color retention.
BumBum Bacana is the inspiration and passion of its co-founder and current owner, Bianca Lynn.  Bianca presently is the Chief Creative and Marketing Officer for the company. The enterprise was founded in 2001 by Bianca and Sandra Mina, who has since left to pursue a successful career in Mortgage Banking, yet remains Bianca's best friend.
Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Bianca came to southern California in her early 20's to study English for six months but ended up making the United States her home.  Some years later, she moved to Miami to pursue a career in modeling, acting and TV journalism.  However, her interest in fashion and design led her to find work in the retail side of the fashion industry, at the same time.  After a short-term working at Macy's, she was recruited by Estee Lauder to become an account manager, supervising the Saks Fifth Avenue retail accounts in all of South Florida.
Then came Julia...her first born child.
Despite a promising career in the retail cosmetics industry, Bianca decided that her first calling was as a mother, and she needed to be home with her daughter.  While her heart was content staying home with her daughter, her brain remained fixated on fashion and design.  She dreamed of a way to combine her three passions - motherhood, fitness, and fashion.
Bianca reflected that each morning when she went to the gym, she received numerous compliments on her Brazilian bodywear.  She and Sandra realized there might be a brilliant opportunity to bring these clothes to the US marketplace.  However, after their first importations, they discovered that the traditional cut of Brazilian workout wear was not entirely compatible with the majority of figures in America, so she and her partner came up with the idea of designing their own brand of Brazilian fitness apparel, customized for the modern American woman.   
Their simple idea grew into a revolutionary company and a brand known for its high quality, sophisticated design, and Brazilian sex appeal.
Bianca's Motto:
  • Smile!
  • Be positive!
  • Treat others with respect!
  • Work passionately!
BumBum Bacana is now proudly giving a percentage of its profits to Heifer International Charity. Visit www.heifer.org  for more information.